Tips to Prevent Breast Wrinkles

Published: 17th January 2011
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For the past few years, I have dealt with a condition known as breast acne. I have spent the past few years researching treatments for this condition and have also researched different ways to prevent breast acne. I finally got tired of dealing with this condition and consulted my doctor during a routine checkup. She informed me that breast acne is quite common for women who have larger breasts. She also gave me some advice on how to prevent and treat breast acne.

Hydrate skin cells

If you hope to reduce wrinkles and fine lines give yourself the best opportunity to be successful by drinking lots of pure, clean, non-caffeinated water every day to rejuvenate and hydrate skin cells.

Eat a well balanced diet

Add omega 3 to your diet along with a healthy diet of vegetables and fruit rich in antioxidants. Making sure to include lots of high fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables. Soy is also helpful in fighting against aging skin. Vitamins A, C, E and K are particularly vital for healthy, fresh skin.

Stop smoking

This may be the most painful, most difficult step. But taking this step will not only help reduce wrinkling, but it will also give you're whole body a boost in health.

Avoid Sports Bras

I had small breasts for most of my life when all at once my breasts decided to have a growth spurt. I was left with extremely deep stretch marks. The stretch marks were so deep that it was painful to wear an underwire bra. The only problem was other bras didn't offer enough support, so I turned to sports bras. But, sports bras don't breathe enough and can cause breast acne. Also sports bras flatten the breasts so much that it's impossible for moisture to evaporate. If you want to prevent breast acne, you need to wear a bra that breathes and lifts your breasts.

Once You Get Sweaty, Shower ASAP

Another great way to prevent breast acne is to jump in the shower as soon as you can after getting sweaty. Now, I know this isn't always feasible, especially in the summer. You may have to get groceries, then get home and put them away, but as soon as you can you must wash off the sweat.

Use Antibacterial Soap

When you do shower, use antibacterial soap. My doctor told me that antibacterial soap would help prevent breast acne. She said it was actually best to keep a bar of antibacterial soap and use it only under your breasts.

Dry Yourself Thoroughly

When you get out of the shower, dry yourself thoroughly. Firmly hold the towel against your skin to remove as much excess moisture as possible. If the moisture is not removed, this can also cause breast acne to form.

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