How to remove Wrinkles by using Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Wrinkles refer to the loosening of the skin. With the age the skin loses its elasticity and moisture as results wrinkles appear on all over the face. Some young people also have few wrinkles around the eyes that are caused by spending much time in the sun.

Causes of Wrinkles

The most common cause of wrinkles is of course part of the ageing process. There are also many other reasons that premature wrinkles appear for some people. Smoking or use of drugs can cause wrinkles because there are large amounts of radicals in cigarette smoke and other smoke. These radicals cause damage to skin at a very fast rate. Over exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your skin and cause premature wrinkles. Wrinkles also are caused by stress, rapid weight loss and the loss or lack of vitamin E in your skin. Many of these things can easily be avoided or removed from your life to help slow the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin Wrinkle Treatment

Regular facial is very effective in controlling the wrinkles because massage increases the blood circulation. It further results in tightening of the muscles and tissues of the skin and thereby reducing the fleshiness of the skin and thus restoring a young look. However, this process is very slow.

1. Remove the make-up to open the pores of skin.

2. Remove oiliness by applying limejuice or cleansing milk.

3. Massage the face by applying a good quality cream with a firm pressure with help of fleshy tips of fingers.

4. Start the massage from the neck upwards and end at the forehead.

5. Do not apply pressure around eyes.

6. Continue massage for about 15 minutes.

7. Wipe off the face with wet cotton.

8. For fast removal of wrinkles you should massage with the fingers of both the hands rapidly in circular motion.

9. For removing the wrinkles on jaw, pinch the skin between your thumb and fingers.

10. Pinching is also good if you have double chin.

Home Remedoes for Wrinkle

1. Eat a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, seeds, nuts and legumes.

2. Drink plenty of fluid every day. This help to keep the skin hydrated and to flush away toxins.

3. Obtain fatty acids from cold pressed vegetable oils.

4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, they dry the skin encouraging the development of wrinkles. Also the smoking habit uses the lips muscles hundreds of times a day, whichcontributes wrinkling.

5. Always protect your skin from the sun applying a sunscreen whit a sun protection factor ( SPF) of at least 15 to all exposed areas of the skin.

Diet for wrinkles

Water is very important thing to remember each and every day to prevent wrinkles. Make sure to drink at least 4-6 liters of water, this will help to keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles. An excellent wrinkle prevention and cure product is flax seed oil. Slowly incorporate 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil 4 times daily into your diet. Be aware that flax seed oil will cause diarrhea so slowly incorporate it into your diet over a few days or even weeks. Although a balanced diet has not been proven to help with wrinkles it is always a good idea to eat a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. This is one of the perfect diet for wrinkles.

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